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of Kiwis often consider
whether a product
is NZ Made.

of Kiwis see NZ Made
goods as more ethically manufactured.

of Kiwis are willing to pay a premium for NZ Made.

of Kiwis seek out ethically


All across the globe and right here in Aotearoa, consumers are searching for New Zealand-made products. To stay ahead of the competition, it is essential you can instantly show these potential customers who you are and what you represent.

People want to buy NZ-made because we have a reputation for quality, sustainable values, and a fair and honest approach.

When you officially trademark your product, packaging, website and marketing material with the Buy New Zealand Made logo, you cut through the crowd and speak directly to the desire for excellence that drives the search for NZ-made products.

At Buy New Zealand Made, we see your unique value, do you? Can your customers identify you in a crowd?


If you are a business or a charity that offers an NZ-made product or service, you are eligible to apply for a licence to display our trademarked logos, which instantly lets consumers see that you are an authentic supplier of NZ-made goods or services.

You can get access to a physical logo for your products, or we can grant you a digital logo that you can use to let your digital customers see that you have been authenticated as a genuine NZ producer or organisation.

There are three licensing categories your business can apply under for access to our streamlined logos:

We Market Your Business,

Setting you apart from the global competition

Buy New Zealand Made offers every licence holder an opportunity to feature in our YouTube videos and social media, which showcase stories about amazing Kiwi businesses that are dedicated to contributing to our future.

These videos and our content provide a great marketing opportunity for your organisation - ask us about becoming a featured icon.

We Protect Your Business,

Building trust in NZ Inc through the power of authenticity

It is vital to the future of our economy that we protect the value of goods that are being sold as New Zealand-made. By working together to maintain authenticity, we can ensure the ongoing reputation of New Zealand as a supplier of exceptional quality products.

To serve this goal, our website includes a product search and a place to report any trademark breaches.

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