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Elite Silk: Authentic Silk Products from Our Own Backyard

With a serious bout of acne, Elena Styles was trying to find ways of keeping her skin and hair in good condition. The problem was she couldn’t find anything that worked, to the point where she was prescribed Accutane, a drug which lowers the production of oil by your oil glands.

After struggling for a while, she decided to try out a fully silk pillowcase, and noticed the benefits almost straight away. Her hair and skin improved dramatically, and with little supply available, the idea for her business, Elite Silk, was born.

Together with her tailor, Vera, Elena provides a range of self-care products, from pillowcases and bedding, to masks and clothes. Elena uses 100% Mulberry silk for her silk products, and the customers appreciate it.

“The people who buy my product always come back with extremely exceptional feedback on the quality.”

“They don’t mind that it’s more expensive because they can use it for years, and they know that it will last for years.”

Unique things to offer

Elena’s sustainable products can be used by all kinds of people. They help to maintain skin and hair conditions, and are also made for people with allergies and asthma, and those with sensitivity to polyester and other unnatural fabrics.

The goods are also made with French stitching, which Elena says gives them a point of difference, as well as elongating their shelf lives.

Elena concedes that there are other factories out there that produce good quality products, but says Elite Silk’s purely handmade products will always stand out in the market.

Elite Silk brings in customers from places all across the globe, from the United States to Germany, UK, Canada, and Cyprus.

Why Elite Silk is NZ Made

Elena says Elite Silk is NZ made because she cherishes the process of manufacturing her products in New Zealand, rather than providing goods from overseas. Elena dreams of having a proper NZ made factory one day, and hopes the business will continue to grow and sell more fabric products across the country.

“Something which is actually made locally in New Zealand, I find is a really heartwarming experience.”

“Every day is not the same as yesterday, so every day can be like the new beginning of something amazing!”