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We are the voice of small businesses in Aotearoa. We offer our licence holders marketing opportunities across various social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Buy New Zealand Made reaches a wide audience and increases brand awareness for license holders such as yourselves. Every year, more than 500,000 people view our video content.

Is Buy NZ Made the right fit for my brand?

Before deciding, check if your products qualify for the Kiwi trademark.

Products made in New Zealand where key materials or components have been through a significant manufacturing process in another country and form the essential character of your product are unlikely to qualify.

Once you're eligbile, you'll find a wealth of benefits outlined in the document below:


A Kiwi Original is a video series created and run by Buy NZ Made, that showcases license holders.

The series shares unique stories from people contributing to New Zealand's future and highlights the quality and innovation that goes into products made in New Zealand. The videos are available on YouTube and are a great way for consumers to learn about the people and products behind the Buy New Zealand Made campaign.

Want to be featured as a Kiwi Original?    

NZ Made Day

New Zealand Made Day is held on 21st November every year. It is a celebration of NZ Made businesses and products.

Kiwi shoppers are urged to get out and support local businesses this New Zealand Made Day, after one of the most testing periods ever for Kiwi retailers and manufacturers. Kiwis are encouraged to buy at least one locally made item from participating retailers to give businesses a boost in the lead-up to Christmas.

Faced with growing economic uncertainty, supporting New Zealand brands is more crucial than ever. Small businesses with less than 20 employees make up 97% of all businesses and employ 29% of workers in New Zealand. We encourage everyone to get behind NZ businesses and support local.

Making it New Zealand

Making It New Zealand was our video series that ran from 2018 to 2020. We went behind the scenes of local Kiwi businesses to see how products are made.

Subscribe to Buy New Zealand Made on YouTube to watch this series, and our latest series, A Kiwi Original.

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You are encouraged to tag social media posts with #NZMadeDay. Share your NZ Made story, your NZ Made products/services or introduce your NZ Made team.

Kiwi trademark licence holders are welcome to get in touch to run a giveaway or special promotion across the Buy NZ Made channels for NZ Made Day.

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