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Your Decal Shop

your decal shop: creativity at its core

It’s the impact on spaces and people's lives that make it all worthwhile for Hastings-based Your Decal Shop. We ask co-founder Antony Clark what it takes to thrive:

When was the business started and why?

Your Decal Shop was founded in 2012, and specialises in creating high-quality wall decals, murals, and decorative items. Known for our unique, New Zealand-oriented designs featuring native plants and birds, we have established ourselves as leaders in healthcare wall decor and large commercial projects.

Our innovative approach to interior design includes custom-made products such as laser-cut bamboo letters, tailored specifically to enhance corporate and medical environments. Through our online store, we offer a range of bespoke products, ensuring each piece is perfectly suited to its setting. This focus on specialised design solutions not only meets the aesthetic and functional needs of our clients but also positions Your Decal Shop as a premier provider of customised decor solutions in New Zealand.

What excites you most about the business?

Designing wall decor that transforms an ordinary room into a vibrant, inspiring space is incredibly fulfilling.

I especially enjoy the challenge of large commercial projects and healthcare environments, where our designs can help create a comforting and engaging atmosphere for a wide audience.

Additionally, the opportunity to continuously explore new materials and techniques, like our work with laser-cut bamboo, keeps the work fresh and exciting. It's also rewarding to know that our efforts support local craftsmanship and contribute to the New Zealand economy.

What are you most proud of?

I'm most proud of how Your Decal Shop has grown to specialise in creating environments that positively impact people's moods and experiences, especially through our work in healthcare settings. The feedback we've received from hospitals, where our designs contribute to a healing and welcoming atmosphere, is particularly gratifying. Additionally, I take great pride in our commitment to sustainability and local craftsmanship, ensuring that our products not only beautify spaces but also adhere to ethical and environmental standards. Winning the Excellence in Sustainability in Business Award is a testament to our dedication in this area. Our ability to undertake large, complex projects and consistently deliver high-quality, customized solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients also fills me with immense pride.

What sort of things do you make?

Your Decal Shop Limited creates a wide range of custom-designed products, including wall decals, murals, and laser-cut bamboo letters. These items are tailored to enhance both residential and commercial spaces, with a particular focus on healthcare environments where our designs contribute to creating a comforting and positive atmosphere. All our products are sold exclusively through our online store, which allows us to maintain a direct relationship with our customers and ensure the highest level of quality and service. We specialise in crafting products that resonate with New Zealand's unique flora and fauna, appealing to a local aesthetic. Currently, we do not export our products. Our operations are focussed on serving the New Zealand market, where we have carved out a niche in providing bespoke, locally made decor solutions that support sustainable practices and the local economy.

What hurdles have you faced so far?

Navigating the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic presented specific challenges, especially with supply chain disruptions. Like many businesses, we experienced delays and unpredictability in receiving essential materials needed for our production. This was compounded by increased demand as customers looked to improve their living and working spaces during lockdowns. We had to strategize carefully to manage these supply issues, ensuring we could continue to deliver high-quality products without significant delays. Another significant challenge was communicating the value of our products being New Zealand-made and made-to-order. There was a need to differentiate our offerings in a market flooded with mass-produced alternatives. We focused on reinforcing our brand's commitment to local craftsmanship and customisation, which not only supported the local economy but also provided a superior product tailored to individual customer needs. Through targeted marketing and clear branding, we have successfully educated our customers on the benefits of choosing made-to-order products that carry the authenticity and quality of being made in New Zealand. This has helped to solidify our reputation as a trusted provider of bespoke decor solutions.

Why are you so proud to be NZ Made?

I'm proud that Your Decal Shop is New Zealand Made because it aligns with our core values of quality, sustainability, and community support. Being a New Zealand Made business means we contribute directly to our local economy by creating jobs and supporting other local businesses through our supply chain. This not only helps bolster the economic health of our community but also reduces our environmental footprint by minimizing long-distance transportation. Additionally, the New Zealand Made brand is synonymous with high standards of craftsmanship and reliability. Products bearing this mark are recognized both locally and internationally for their quality and integrity, enhancing our brand's reputation. Our commitment to being New Zealand Made also reflects our dedication to preserving and promoting New Zealand's unique culture and natural heritage. Our designs, which often feature native plants and wildlife, serve as a celebration of our country's biodiversity and bring awareness to the beauty of our natural environment. Lastly, being New Zealand Made fosters a sense of pride and connection among our customers, who appreciate the local craftsmanship and the story behind each product. It's about being part of a larger narrative that values quality, sustainability, and community—a narrative that resonates deeply with both our team and our customers.

Any advice for budding business owners?

Starting a business in New Zealand is an exhilarating endeavour that requires unwavering dedication and resilience. Success in this venture comes from a steadfast commitment to your goals and the ability to persevere through challenges. It's essential to strive for excellence and recognize that while mistakes are inevitable, they are also invaluable learning opportunities. Listening attentively to customer feedback is crucial as it provides critical insights into business performance and areas for improvement. Before launching, gain a thorough understanding of the local market, including regulatory requirements and consumer behaviour. Additionally, networking and seeking advice from more experienced entrepreneurs can provide support and open up new opportunities. In a market that values authenticity and quality, ensure that your products or services stand out by maintaining high standards and emphasizing their unique attributes. By embracing these principles, you can navigate the complexities of business ownership and position your venture for long-term success in New Zealand’s dynamic economic landscape.