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Black & Co. Quality Leather NZ: High Grade Leather for all Conditions

Since purchasing Black & Co. Quality Leather NZ from its original owner, Mr. Black, seven years ago, married couple Leon and Melissa have continued to provide customers with a wide variety of leather goods. These goods range from a variety of belts for farmers, plumbers, and builders, to custom projects like knife sheaths, straps, and more.

Black & Co. has been a long-standing business in Otaki, having been established in 1972, and when Leon and Melissa returned home after leaving for around 15 years, Melissa got a job there.

In that role, Mr. Black taught her everything she needed to know, and she eventually bought the business with her husband at Mr. Black’s request.

For Leon, coming to work is about continuing the legacy of Mr. Black, and about working for his family.

“I’ve had the realisation about legacy, and trying to create a legacy. We’ve got three sons, they’re having kids now, we’ve got three young moko [grandchildren]. For me, getting out of bed each day is about trying to build something that goes through and helps continue the legacy that Mr. Black started.”

“We’re just adapting and trying to keep going through to the future for our kids and their kids.”

Keeping quality

When Leon and Melissa bought the company, Mr. Black told them: “as long as you keep the quality high, people will keep coming back”. Since then, quality has been the primary focus for Leon and Melissa.

Despite the wear-and-tear that comes with jobs like plumbing, building, and farming, Leon says that because of the high quality, real leather he and his wife use, he expects the belts to last upwards of 20 years. A wide range of customisation options are also offered to fit the needs of each customer, from changing a belt buckle to adding holes onto a belt.

“That’s the key for us: keep putting out high quality products. People who buy them can enjoy them for a long time, and they’ll remember Black & Co.—that’s where we got this, and they’ll come back again.”

As a result, Leon and Melissa enjoy seeing customers return for more, just as Mr. Black said would happen.

Why Black & Co. are NZ made

Leon and Melissa love being made in New Zealand because they like providing goods that are made locally, something which can be difficult to find. To the couple, this part of the business plays a major role in its success.

“It’s just nice being able to give people products that are actually from here—they’re few and far between these days trying to find something that’s actually made in New Zealand. I think it’s what helps keep this business running.”