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35 years of BA Pumps & Sprayers

q&a with GENERAL MANAGER  Mark Harris

In this story, we find out what's next for the iconic Kiwi business - including the launch of its new LM Series Linkage Sprayer and M Boom.

What are you most proud of after all this time in business?

We are proud to be a Kiwi-owned family business operating for 35 years. During that time we have been at the forefront of agricultural sprayers designing sprayers by Kiwis for Kiwis.

What does the business make?

We design and manufacture spraying equipment for a range of industries including agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, and industrial. They are made at our facilities in Hautapu near Cambridge and we sell via a dealer network in New Zealand and Australia.

What hurdles have you faced so far?

Hurdles include economic impacts such as the cost of freight and farm payouts eg the dairy price have impact however we provide equipment that is essential in helping food producers to grow the best crops they can and so we work with our customers to provide a solution that will work for them.

Why are you Kiwi Made?

We are proud because we are a Kiwi family-owned and operated business and we are developing products that are built for tough New Zealand conditions. If they are tough enough for New Zealand conditions they are tough enough for anywhere. We also use New Zealand-based companies for our galvanising and the moulding of our tanks so we like to use local where we can ourselves. Also we are full of kiwi ingenuity and that is what makes being a New Zealand Made company so good as there is nothing we can't do when we put our mind to it and can ensure our customers get the best products they can to do the job safely and effectively.

What excites you most about the future?

We are excited about launching the LM Series Linkage Sprayer and M Boom for a number of reasons. This sprayer is packed with innovation. This starts with the unique tank shape that features 3 tanks delivered by 1 moulding operation saving production costs. This enabled us to include chemical induction and flush tanks at a lower cost to the farmer. The tank is a unique T shape with 2 operator height tanks at each side at the rear of the tank. This makes chemical loading much safer (than climbing to the top of the sprayer), and also puts more weight forward and low for improved stability on the tractor. The tank is the subject of a registered design and is very different to anything else ever produced.

The next major innovation is the new unique patent-pending M Boom. This boom is an all new mechanism that opens and closes via 2 hydraulic cylinders fitted to the unit. The fold mechanism delivers full wing lift functionality, which means the farmer can simply lift the boom to raise over an obstacle or follow the paddock contour on rolling country. The boom outers are on spring return breakaways, and the outer boom shape has no catch points. This enables the boom to find its way past fence posts when the operator inevitably gets too close to the fence. This 12 m boom can be used on country that previously most operators would not dare operate on. The product has had a lot of work done on ergonomics as well. The placement of controls, design of steps and handles to access the top lid have been well thought through and are best assessed by looking at the product and our collateral.

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