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MWF Manufacturing: The best in the joinery production business

With a wide range of commercial, education, hospitality, and residential services on offer, MWF Manufacturing has become a go-to for any project outside the norm. “We are brave and bold to venture into areas where a lot of other businesses don’t,” says Managing Director Gary Altenburg.

MWF Manufacturing is mainly focused on the joinery aspect of construction, including sealing panels, acoustics, residential kitchens, and certain specialized product lines like My Little Pub, a range of small pubs people can put in their backyards. Dozens of hours are put into producing each product, from programming, design, assembly, installation, and more.

Altenburg says the way MWF Manufacturing operates is quite unique, as his “highly skilled workforce” do most things themselves. Altenburg ensures he is maximizing the potential of all his workers, pushing them to levels they didn’t think were possible.

Planning Manager Sam Montgomery adds that the company is one of very few who do bespoke work, due to how challenging it is. He says a lot of people like working with MWF Manufacturing because of how good workers are at planning, changing what they do, and working to other people’s plans.

Hard times and valued staff

It’s been a difficult journey for Altenburg and the company. After losing the business during the disastrous Christchurch earthquakes, the whole company had to be rebuilt. After over a decade of hard work, Altenburg says the business has become much stronger and has enjoyed serving a range of fantastic people.

“We’ve been through a pretty tough road. We lost the business during the earthquakes, and pretty much started in a negative position, and we’ve built it back to where it is today: a much stronger, much more resilient business with some much stronger people and an outstanding bunch of customers, clients, and/or friends who regularly rely on us.”

Altenburg values his staff, giving encouraging pats on the back every day as he walks around the factory, and making sure everyone is properly cared for.

“We don’t just provide for our staff members. We’re providing for well in excess of 100 people. It’s their partners, wives, girlfriends… that’s what’s important to me to ensure that there is a stable future for the people in our whare so we can ensure they’re well looked after.”

The beauty of NZ made goods

Altenburg says all the profits MWF Manufacturing generates within New Zealand need to be shared within the country. He also speaks of his fondness for locally-made products because of their quality, longevity, and special nature.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that a custom made, local product has the longevity and is not the trashy backyard operation with substandard materials. It is the real deal, and you will always pay more for that, but you will pay less over the lifespan of the product, and it’s something that you will 100% fall in love with.”