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Pure Oil New Zealand: Bringing locally grown oils to the market

From its establishment in 2012, Christchurch-based Pure Oil New Zealand has grown into a large oilseed business that keeps everything local and NZ made, from extra virgin oils to RBD oils and equestrian products.

Marketing Manager Andy O’Malley-Mora says that Pure Oil New Zealand has created a good community with farmers by sharing benefits together, working alongside them, and creating a platform for people to speak and have their input valued.

“Everyone has a chance to be heard. Everyone has a chance to put their ideas forward and help shape our business. It’s not just us selling an end product, it’s the farmers selling an end product, and then everyone in between.”

Getting involved

Pure Oil New Zealand have roughly 40 different farms across the South Island, and have an agronomy team responsible for working alongside farmers to maximise quality. In addition, all parts of the seeds are used in the production process—leaving nothing to waste.

O’Malley-Mora stresses the value that the traceability and sustainability of the oil brings, especially with the work of Pure Oil NZ’s agronomy team. He says the business strives for constant involvement in every step of production, ensuring New Zealanders consume the best products possible.

Being NZ made

In addition to keeping products sustainable and traceable, and allowing Pure Oil NZ to always play a part in manufacturing, the value of being NZ made also stems from the company’s origin, where Founder and Managing Director Nick Murney saw a chance to manufacture NZ made products.

When he noticed an opportunity to make extra virgin oils, he thought to himself: if other countries can do it, why can’t we?

Nowadays, Pure Oil NZ is the nation’s leading oilseed producer and manufacturer of oilseed goods, with Murney’s vision becoming a reality.

Although O’Malley-Mora has only been with Pure Oil NZ for a short period, he says can see the fast progression of the business as sights and aspirations are set towards the future, where the company has goals like growing more crops and increasing their product range. He’s extremely grateful to be a part of this process.

“There’s certainly a lot coming for this business, and I’m pleased to be a part of it.”