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On Cue: Getting the 8-ball rolling on NZ made pool tables

Christchurch-based pool, snooker, and darts business On Cue produce all their pool and snooker tables from scratch here in New Zealand, using mostly NZ made resources--unlike most tables in today's market. Alongside this, On Cue offers a lifetime guarantee on all workmanship, with custom made options readily available for everyone.

Since leaving school early and following his passion for woodworking, founder and Managing Director Darryl Chambers has provided a range of NZ made pool and snooker tables to people across the country, with his love of the job remaining strong.

“I really enjoy the hands-on work in the factory—manufacturing the tables, helping the guys out, installing the tables. That’s my passion. That’s what I enjoy doing.”

Moving on up

On Cue was founded by Chambers in 2005, with the founder having built up experience in the field while working for the pool and snooker table business Drake Leisure Company. After the devastating Christchurch earthquakes, the Drake Leisure Company shut down and was bought out by Chambers. Things have “gone from there.”

On Cue's average turnaround time has increased recently due to a large demand spike after the COVID-19 lockdowns. Despite this, the business currently makes and installs around 88 pool tables every year.

Chambers and his team have installed their pool tables in all kinds of settings, ranging from pubs and garages to multi-million-dollar mansions, and although a couple of tables have been exported, Chambers emphasizes that On Cue is focused pretty much entirely on New Zealand.

NZ made advantages

By being NZ made, all Chambers's pool tables are able to be reclothed, an option that imported pool tables don’t really have. The local manufacturing also allows for bespoke alternatives for each customer, allowing each table to better suit people's wants.

Ultimately, Chambers owns the only operating business in the South Island that produces pool and snooker tables, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I don’t think I could actually import tables and sell them. It just wouldn’t be me”.