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Pollett Furniture: The Family Business for All Your Furniture Needs

Pollett Furniture is a family-run company that has been producing a wide selection of furniture solutions for over 40 years, beginning with coffin manufacturing before branching out into seating, office furniture, domestic furniture, and more.

Rebecca Pollett, daughter of Mike and Wendy Pollett (the owner operators), likes that the business is kept local and family-based, with everyone in her family getting enjoyment out of working alongside each other as they attempt to provide the best goods and services they can.

Putting the work in

Pollett Furniture’s production process includes many steps and procedures. There’s the quoting, visiting the site, planning and working out elements like colours and designs, before drawing everything out. After that, the work is sent through to the factory where everything is cut out, assembled, and then loaded up by staff and installed on site.

Manufacturing high grade products is something that Pollett Furniture values deeply, with people like Rebecca Pollett working hard to make sure everything meets the quality standards of the firm.

“It’s just quality. It’s not going to end up in the rubbish anytime soon. What we produce, we stand by it. When we’re thinking of a new product, it’s always what components are we putting in this? Is it going to stand to last?”

The company has now grown to the extent where they are manufacturing an office fit out a week (when the figures are spread out over the course of a year), with these fit outs scaling from one desk to eighty straight desks.

Why Pollett Furniture are NZ Made

To Pollett, there are a lot of bonuses to being an NZ made company. Not only do they get to really engage with clients by working through things and installing furniture on site, but it also creates jobs for local residents.

“It’s important to keep being New Zealand made because it is job creation. It’s employing people locally.”

Pollett wants to see an increase in the amount of NZ made products her firm has, especially in commercial areas.

In addition to all of this, Pollett notes the support her company receives from their community in the Hawke’s Bay due to being Buy NZ Made, with Pollett gladly returning the favour through the offerings of the business.

“Hawke’s Bay are really supportive. More and more people are catching on to keeping it local and supporting each other because it supports each other’s jobs. We like to support Hawke’s Bay too—look after them by providing good quality furniture at a good rate.”