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NZ Natural Bedding: The Natural Choice

When Kathryn and Tom Ryan took over NZ Natural Bedding five years ago, they took on the role of co-ownership with the goal of promoting NZ made products and the usage of natural products and fibres.

Although they have a couple of brands with different uses, the main mission of the business is to provide products to customers that match what consumers are looking for, helping to manage the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders while promoting the choice to use natural, environmentally-friendly bedding.

Co-owner Kathryn Ryan says that because she is working locally with New Zealanders, and is manufacturing NZ bed sizes, her products suit the demands of most people.

Keeping it organic and working hard

Ryan believes the field of organics is coming to the forefront as society becomes increasingly aware of climate change and the damage of harmful chemicals.

By relying on organics, Ryan prevents any harmful exposure to these deadly chemicals, whether you’re working for her and are involved in the production process, or a consumer using her products. Organics also eliminates the need for synthetic fertilisers and uses 60% less water in the production process.

Ryan says that as a business owner, she has a lot of roles and responsibilities, from marketing and finance to administration and IT. However, Ryan remains dedicated to her job as she continues to advocate for choosing natural and locally produced bedding.

The benefits of being NZ made

Ryan frequently stresses the positives of local manufacturing within New Zealand. Businesses are a part of communities, says Ryan, and by producing her bedding products here in NZ, she’s able to offer numerous benefits to others.

“There’s so many good things that come from manufacturing in New Zealand: providing work opportunities for people, providing a community for people, because that’s what workplaces are—they’re a part of a community.”

Ryan also states that by buying her bedding products (or any other NZ made products), customers aren’t just serving their own need or want, but are also helping their community out, which is something Ryan really values.

“When you’re buying a product that’s made in New Zealand, you’re actually supporting your own need or want as well as supporting your local community.”