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Savvy Touch: Natural Products for all your Health Needs

Savvy Touch is an Auckland-based health business, offering a variety of natural products and covering a range of wellbeing needs, providing skincare, sunscreen, balm, and a respiratory health product called Rocket Fuel.

For Savvy Steve, the owner and developer of Savvy Touch, the positive messages he got from customers on the benefits of his products was the piece of motivation that kept the business going.

Savvy Touch is now a seven figure company with distributors in areas like Australia, the UK, and the United States. Steve has enjoyed triple digit growth on an annual basis for the last three years, and by the end of 2023, he believes Savvy Touch will become an eight figure firm.

Fighting on

Although Steve has now developed Savvy Touch into a profitable, fast-growing business, he stresses how his journey towards achieving this was extremely hard, and if people want to create successful businesses, they need to have total confidence in their vision, as well as a strong determination to keep going during difficult periods.

“Unless you believe in your business and your product, don’t even start. Yes, dream about success, but you’ve got to be super prepared to take an absolute beating, to the point where we were very close to losing everything. Not once, not twice, but several times.”

According to Steve, Savvy Touch had been starting to ride a wave in 2019, growing in popularity as his health products were put out into the world and getting recognised. When COVID-19 hit, Steve was fortunate enough to have stock available, and Savvy Touch was deemed an essential service.

Steve had to take risks during the pandemic, but he was able to efficiently move into the e-commerce space and things were able to kick off from there.

Why Savvy Touch is NZ made

Steve and his team are proud to be New Zealanders, offering their support to NZ in the hope that kiwis will support Savvy Touch in return. Steve uses an NZ certified manufacturer, and makes an effort to use native New Zealand ingredients in his products.

“We’re proud kiwis. We’re super stoked to have it on our brand; it really means a lot to us and it means a lot to the world… We want to support New Zealand and we want New Zealanders to support us, and we’re stoked that they do, knowing that our products are out there doing good for people.”