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Corbin Rd: The future of skincare

Wendy Nowell-Usticke was once spending $15,000 annually on skincare, only for her skin to break down. When she came to the realisation that it wasn’t an allergy, and that the skincare was to blame, she founded Corbin Rd., a slow beauty business based in Napier.

Nowell-Usticke started 35 years ago as a makeup artist, and has many years of experience dealing with skin. Her products are natural and organic, with Nowell-Usticke making use of NZ made ingredients.

Armed with her knowledge of skin and some previous manufacturing experience, Nowell-Usticke now supplies customers with a range of natural skin and beauty products, including cleansers, exfoliators, and hydrators.

“Good for the planet, good for your skin”

The environmental impact of these products is also monitored. Nowell-Usticke continues to use glass and aluminium for all fundamental packaging, since they are the easiest things to recycle.

In addition, all the main ingredients that go into Corbin Rd.’s products are eco-certified, providing the market with a range of more environmentally-friendly goods.

To Nowell-Usticke, slow beauty is about having a simple process and a small amount of quality skincare products to rely on, minimising waste. A firm focus on quality and sustainability is integral to Corbin Rd.

Nowell-Usticke wants to provide people with simple skincare that works, offering products that build up the strength of people’s skin rather than break it down. She hopes that more people will use the organic range on offer.

“We’ve got some amazing ingredients that have been grown in New Zealand, and somebody has spent the time to take all of that and turn it into a beautiful active that’s all about repairing your skin. Why wouldn’t you use that?”

Keeping things local

Corbin Rd. are regimental in their usage of New Zealand made ingredients, keeping the business as NZ made as possible.

“Everything is made in New Zealand, using as many New Zealand ingredients as we can.”

Nowell-Usticke cares for Corbin Rd. and what it offers. By providing organic slow beauty options, Nowell-Usticke says her business is giving people a chance to take good care of themselves.

“I love the business. I love what the business does. It gives people the opportunity to take care of their health.”