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Storetech Industries: A family business set on outdoor living

For nearly 50 years, family-run Storetech Industries has offered outdoor space options for customers, striving to give New Zealanders confidence in the security of their outdoor equipment and personal environments.

Starting out as garden shed providers, Storetech Industries has since expanded its product range to include options like fencing, from glass to soluble and aluminium slat fences.

Ben Carney, one of the current Managing Directors, examines the development of Storetech Industries, detailing how fences are now the biggest part of the business, providing the most growth.

As of today, Storetech Industries is the largest producer of outdoor solutions for fencing and garden sheds, offering a lot more to the market.

Supplying the marketplace

To craft the products, the flat steel coils arrive weighing 3,500kgs, and these go through a pre-programmed process involving decoiling, roll-forming, and shaping.

By roll-forming the steel, Carney explains how this allows him to shape and strengthen it to fit all kinds of purposes.

In addition, because Carney is constantly sharing statistics with his workers, his staff is always motivated by numbers, keeping a close watch on the targets and goals set for them. For the work they put in, Carney makes sure his workers are rewarded.

“In the first quarter, which is April, May, and June, we were able to pay out a good bonus, which is a real thrill for us. It’s going to a good cause.”

Carney also describes his enjoyment in coming to work, in part because of his team.

“I’ve got no problem coming to work—I enjoy it. We’ve got a good team and good guys to get along with.”

Why Storetech Industries are NZ made

Carney likes that Storetech Industries is a New Zealand made company because this enhances the amount of knowledge and trust he has in the steel that gets used, maximising the quality and reliability of his garden sheds and fences.

“We know the steel. We know what it’s made of and we know where it’s come from, so we know the quality and the strength of it. We keep innovating and finding new types of fencing systems to put in place.”