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Firenzo: "I Want to Make the Best Fire in New Zealand"

Since 1974, Firenzo has been driven to make and supply the finest fireplaces in New Zealand. According to founder Peter Hewitson, it’s not about making the cheapest fire. It’s about producing the best fire. For almost half a century, Hewitson has strongly carried this belief alongside his 100% faith in Firenzo products.

Simon Thacker, one of the Directors, has been working at Firenzo for 16 years, and the importance of this goal is something that really resonates with him. He understands that this means Firenzo’s products aren’t the most affordable, but Thacker says that New Zealanders value quality over cheap production, and fires are a crucial part of NZ homes.

“We realise we aren’t the cheapest because of the volume and quality that we produce, but at the end of the day, a lot of NZ houses have a minimum price of a million dollars, and we believe that a fire is a part of the furniture of your house. You look at it and it’s something you want to be proud of, and we have got the best heaters in New Zealand.”

Refining production

When Thacker was first hired, he spoke to Hewitson about cutting down on costs. After Hewitson explained how quality is at the forefront of the business, Thacker realised this and it gave him clarity over what he needed to do.

Thacker sold a lot of stock, bought the best materials, shortened lead times, and reinvested the company’s money to create continuity in bends and folds, and to get the best welders working for Firenzo. Every year, a few thousand heaters are produced by Firenzo, which makes up roughly 10% of the amount of heaters made in NZ every year.

Thacker stresses and understands how valuable his workers are, providing them with good wages and care because he wants great workers making high grade products.

Why Firenzo is proud to be NZ made

Thacker explains that Firenzo has been in touch with all kinds of people, building a business that cares about New Zealanders and about the quality of the fires in NZ homes. To Thacker, this care and quality makes buying New Zealand made goods invaluable for consumers.

“I talk to all ranges of people. You’ve got the infrastructure of the whole industry right here in Firenzo. That’s why it’s so important to buy New Zealand made and why it’s so important to buy quality.”