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Earthwoven: Natural, Eco-Friendly Skincare for All!

After suffering long-term from bad skin, and taking note of the damaging chemicals in most skin-related products, Shaleah Lawrence founded skincare business Earthwoven in March of 2022. Her goal is to create and offer an exceptional product range that can be used over a long period of time, without harmfully affecting the environment.

Lawrence remains committed to her mission of formulating and delivering safe, long term skincare solutions. According to Lawrence, her skincare range is particularly good for acne-prone and eczema-prone skin types.

Although the first six months of the business was really challenging for Lawrence, as negative thoughts about Earthwoven became prevalent for her at the time, orders are now coming through every day, something which Lawrence is unbelievably grateful for.

Fighting hard

Lawrence has already faced a lot of difficulties in her life. Being homeless for a while after losing both her parents was what led to her having such awful skin.

Lawrence has also had to work a lot. At one stage, she was working four jobs, a process she called a “hard slog”.

However, this hasn’t stopped Lawrence from founding and running her own business. Beginning skincare research in 2019, Lawrence was able to find a laboratory and a senior scientist, which allowed her to get Earthwoven products developed.

“I don’t have an MBA, I didn’t go to Harvard, but what I do have is an incredible determination to not just be a statistic. You need to remain focused on that goal because there is going to seem like there are a lot of cool opportunities that come your way that’s going to take away from this.”

Why Earthwoven is proud to be NZ made

Lawrence places a lot of value in the fact that because her business is local, she can keep track of the company and ensure that Earthwoven is always operating in the best and most moral way possible.

“I trust our ingredients, I trust our processes, and most importantly: our ethics. All of our labour needs to be fair-trade and fair-paid, and by being in New Zealand and being on the ground, I can always make sure that’s going on. That’s very important to me.”

In addition to everything else, Lawrence is always burdened with being the fallback option in her life, as she is consistently having to take care of her sisters. Ultimately, Lawrence hopes that she is able to live a life that her parents would be really happy about.

“Mum and Dad aren’t here, but I’m here, so I get to live a life that hopefully they’d be proud of.”