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Centrix: The Home of NZ Credit Data

For 14 years and counting, Centrix have devoted their efforts to providing informative credit checks and reporting to many people throughout this country, all with a complete focus on New Zealand. Armed with data on over 4 million kiwi consumers, Centrix has the nation’s largest payment history database, with more information being added consistently.

Ross Borrill, a Key Account Manager at Centrix, explains how there has always been a driving goal to provide innovative and unparalleled services, and with the feedback that Borrill sees in the market, he feels Centrix has been excelling on this front.

Growing and looking ahead

The messiness of the past few years has been kind to Centrix, as issues like weather events and the COVID-19 pandemic have actually led to a sizable increase in demand for Centrix’s services.

Determined to supply the market with data and insight, Centrix have actively engaged with economists, governments, and the media, making efforts to put their information out into the world.

Borrill notes that Centrix will be doing the best they can to enhance their NZ database and educate the business market on credit services in the near future.

“The next few years are going to be a case of continuing to educate the business market about the benefits of running credit reports, and continuing to build up our data. We have the richest database in New Zealand for payment history, and we need to ensure that we’re maintaining that and continuing to build up new data providers.”

Why Centrix are NZ made

According to Borrill, being New Zealand made is important because it gives Centrix a point of difference, since it communicates to customers how Centrix is always focused on the NZ market.

“Being a New Zealand made service is our point of difference and gives our customers confidence that we continue focusing on the local market here in New Zealand.”