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M2 Overland: Ute Systems for NZ Landscapes

M2 Overland are working hard to continue designing and providing adaptable products that fit the needs of fellow New Zealanders, delivering fit-for-purpose ute tray systems and service bodies on time that people can rely on.

Nick Langan has been the General Manager of M2 Overland since the start of April 2020. When COVID was hitting people hard, to Langan it was a good time to push the brand and its capabilities, with Brandon Duncan, the Director, wanting to bring something unique to the market.

You can add so much to M2 Overland’s ute systems, including an overlanding canopy, a stand-up fridge, rear drawers, water tanks, and a lot more.

“We’ve never lost sight of that modular system which is just so adaptable and completely different to everything else that’s currently on the market.”

Getting stuff done

M2 Overland prioritizes the quality of their products and service, beating competitors in the process. M2 Overland’s current turnaround time (from the date of the order through to the product being available for installation) is 5-6 weeks, whereas competitors are currently sitting at a 12-15 week turnaround time.

M2 Overland also carries out installations in between 7-8 hours of time, ensuring that the vehicles they service are only off the road for a single working day, which vastly improves convenience for customers.

Langan has enjoyed an average annual growth of roughly 75%, and although this is hard to keep up with, he believes M2 Overland have done a good job in delivering products that maintain a consistent level of quality, covering the length and breadth of the country.

Exporting to Australia has also just begun, giving M2 Overland an extra boost.

Why M2 Overland are NZ made

Langan places care in the fact that M2 Overland are New Zealand made, making products designed for kiwis while offering employment and a good work culture as an NZ made manufacturer. The importance of this has been a part of M2 Overland right from the start.

“People understand that if it’s made in New Zealand, it’s made for kiwis, and it’s made to last. We’ve always had that attitude and goal from day dot to make our products for kiwis…”

“We want to stay a New Zealand-based manufacturing company that provides jobs for kiwis, provides pathways, but we have fun doing it at the same time.”