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Guaranteed Flow Systems: Getting the Work Done, No Matter What

29 years on from its establishment, Guaranteed Flow Systems (GFS) has developed from a pipeline and contracting company into a business that delivers water, waste water, and process solutions all across New Zealand, whilst offering continual support for clients.

GFS houses a small but highly successful team. Despite only having a group of 15 workers, 5-10 million dollars in projects is turned over by GFS every year.

Jackson Zheng, the Commercial Manager of Guaranteed Flow Systems, is very excited to see more GFS solutions deployed and used effectively by people across this country. He’s also setting his sights on future expansion into Australia and the Pacific Islands.

Prioritizing service

Guaranteed Flow Systems places a lot of value on their tagline: “Up and Running. Guaranteed.” It hasn’t always been easy to get things done, but GFS have pushed through and are continuing to succeed in New Zealand.

" 'Up and Running. Guaranteed.' really does mean what it says. If the boss needs to pitch in and swing on a shovel, to get things up and running, then that is what happens."

Since they’ve entered into the treatment solutions industry, their tagline refers to the after-sales support and troubleshooting that GFS offers and provides.

Zheng admits that the COVID-19 pandemic was a very trying time for the company. They couldn’t get on site and meet any clients.

To cope with this, GFS decided to divert their attention into research and development, creating two new solutions for the regional and NZ market in the process.

Why Guaranteed Flow Systems is NZ made

To Zheng, being New Zealand made is synonymous with good things like quality products and service. Being NZ made also helps GFS avoid some of the frustrating lead times caused by problems in supply chains.

“Being New Zealand made is synonymous with a high quality of finish, and being able to offer that dedicated after-sales support. It’s also great because we’re able to mitigate some long lead times that are associated with the supply chain issues around the world.”