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Hi-Tec Aerials: Connecting New Zealand, One Aerial at a Time

Hi-Tec Aerials supply aerials and technology to all kinds of people, businesses, and government agencies in New Zealand, improving communications and wireless solutions across the country.

Elisha Nuttall, the current managing director of Hi-Tec Aerials, has been looking to bring in some fresh ideas, and take the skills, talents, and experience of the company and apply them to more markets and sectors after joining the company late last year.

To Nuttall, it’s very important that he is able to understand what customers’ needs are, and that Hi-Tec Aerials is able to provide for those needs, giving people what they want and enhancing the value and quality of their products.

Growth and development

Hi-Tec Aerials was established in 1974, and began as a small company that supplied aerials for emergency services, which were created in the founder’s garage. The business has only grown from there.

Despite what some might think, aerials aren’t on their way out. Nowadays, Hi-Tec Aerials manufacture and supply roughly 10,000 aerials every year, at a range of sizes and purposes, customising their products to help clients as much as they can, refining technological solutions.

They currently work with agencies like the Department of Conservation, the NZ Police, ambulance providers, and Lions networks. Alongside this, more products are being made in today’s technological world that require help from companies like Hi-Tec Aerials (e.g. satellite connectivity for data transfers).

Why Hi-Tec Aerials are NZ made

Nuttall loves that Hi-Tec Aerials have the local capabilities to deliver bespoke solutions and products, instead of importing a product from overseas and not being able to address what clients are actually looking for.

“It means that we can actually understand our customer’s needs and actually meet them, rather than just giving them a product set that’s made in China, and we can’t change it at all.”

“Being in New Zealand, having all the capabilities here, customers can pick up the phone, can bring something in that’s having a problem, and we can meet those needs.”