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True Fleece: The magic of merino

True Fleece are true fans of New Zealand merino wool. Taking the finest merino wool grown in New Zealand, they create sustainable merino clothing for adults and children.

True Fleece was founded by Canterbury farmers, Tori and Carl Uren, who knew all about the great qualities of merino wool. As parents to four children, their desire was for their children to wear clothing made from natural fibres such as New Zealand merino, rather than synthetic fibres.

“We started our business to answer a gap in the market for school children to be able to choose natural fibre clothing i.e. merino, as opposed to plastic based clothing i.e. polar fleece,” says Carl.

What started with Tori’s mum, Pam, sewing together merino garments for the kids as babies, then school uniforms, led to them launching their own clothing brand, made in Christchurch.

The True Fleece merino range caters to everyday life, suitable for city living and the great outdoors, and now attracts customers from all over the world.

“We’ve grown our business from a small ‘round the kitchen table’ business to a fully international e-commerce business in a matter of a few years and that is something we are very proud of!” says Kate Lemon, Marketing and Communications Manager.

The magic of merino

The beauty of merino wool lies within the fibre’s qualities. As wool, it’s natural, sustainable and biodegradable. With an ability to regenerate, it’s gentle on the environment. 

Merino is also gentle on humans. It’s a fine wool that doesn’t feel prickly, making for comfortable and soft clothing that is gentle on the skin.

Merino has the ability to help regulate temperature, keeping you cool in summer, warm in winter and feeling fresh from odor all year round.

True Fleece sources ZQ Merino wool, which ensures hand-selected quality fibre that’s traceable to the farm it was sourced. It also ensures high animal welfare standards, along with strict environment and workplace practices for environmental and social sustainability.

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Being authentic

With quality raw material sourced from New Zealand, True Fleece believes being New Zealand Made is an important part of their business.

“Being New Zealand made is at the cornerstone of our business. If we’re not New Zealand made - were not authentic,” says Kate.

True Fleece joined Buy New Zealand Made in 2020 to use the “New Zealand Made” Kiwi trademark, something they have added to their website and across other marketing touchpoints.

“We wanted to show our support for a great initiative that also helps us to tell our story,” says Kate.

“We use the trademark throughout all our marketing - social media, newsletters to customers, our website and on our brochures.”


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The “New Zealand Made” Kiwi trademark is available for Kiwi trademark licence holders to download online for marketing collateral, including websites and brochures.