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Matai Gallery: Beautiful 3D topographical map art

Beloved geographical spots are being transformed into beautiful 3D topographical map art at a Wairarapa artisan workshop. Matai Gallery combines engineering, design technology and handmade craftsmanship to create the artwork with FSC-approved ply bamboo.

All pieces are handcrafted and finished to the highest standard; each layer sanded, hand painted, assembled and framed.

The range includes a variety of cities and areas across New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, and with the non-uniform nature of the wood, every map is unique.

Keeping it Kiwi

Matai Gallery is run by the husband and wife team, Matt and Rosie Carter. The couple took over creating the 3D art maps from Maeve and Aran Pudney, owners of popular Wellington workshop, The Furnace.

Maeve and Aran had their sights set on shifting overseas and had considered taking the business with them.

“After the amazing support for locally made products in the wake of New Zealand’s lockdown, we decided to make enquiries to see if a local business would be interested in continuing to create and sell our works,” says Aran.

“I knew Matt had an interest in using 3D technology in his workshop, and they shared our values of creating locally-made, well-crafted, sustainable products, so we thought they would be the perfect people to continue our art pieces for the local market in New Zealand.”

The shift also gave a new lease of life to Matt and Rosie’s existing business, Dimensionz Wholesale, hit hard by the loss of international tourists, as manufacturers and wholesalers of souvenirs, jewellery and giftware.

“It’s a real privilege to continue The Furnace’s craftsmanship, and create these beautiful pieces that are so meaningful to people, and a true celebration of the outdoors, specifically New Zealand’s unique topography,” says Matt.

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Proudly New Zealand Made

Marketing & Sales Manager Kevin Topham says ensuring the product is New Zealand Made is important to their business.

“It gives our products a higher perceived value and is in many ways an indication of good quality to our customers. We’re proud to be NZ made and support the local community with employment. Buy NZ Made helps us communicate that effectively.”

The “New Zealand Made” Kiwi trademark features on the back of the maps, as well on the packaging they go out in.

“The Kiwi trademark ensures our customers know we are truly NZ made employing New Zealanders and creating wealth for our country,” says Kevin.

“Our customers definitely buy into that and support our products over imported variants. The Kiwi trademark is always received well throughout the distribution chain.”


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The “New Zealand Made” Kiwi trademark is available for Kiwi trademark licence holders to download online. Licence holders are permitted to use it on their licensed products, as well as their packaging and collateral.