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House of Fungi: Growing gourmet mushrooms at home

Growing tasty, gourmet mushrooms in your kitchen or classroom is easy, thanks to House of Fungi. House of Fungi is a small, urban, locally-owned mushroom farm, supplying a variety of mushrooms wholesale and at farmer’s markets across Auckland.

Their mushroom growing kits make growing gourmet mushrooms accessible to everyday Kiwis, with kits fully colonised with mushroom mycelium. Just open, mist and within two weeks you’ll be harvesting fresh mushrooms.

Sharing their love of mushrooms

It was a love of eating mushrooms for founders Laura and Jaco Pienaar that saw the birth of House of Fungi.

“There are many delicious, edible mushrooms out there with amazing health benefits, yet you won’t typically find them in your local grocer,” said Laura.

“We always enjoyed eating a variety of mushrooms such as oyster mushrooms, shitake mushrooms and enoki and this love for these mushrooms turned into a passion-project to learn how to grow them. Once we learnt how to grow them, we wanted to share them and so House of Fungi was born.”

House of Fungi mushroom kits are available in various oyster mushroom varieties; Phoenix Oyster, Pink Oyster, as well as the New Zealand native Velvet Oyster. For experienced mushroom growers, there are Pekepeke-kiore (Coral tooth fungus) kits that require a constant humidity controlled environment with plenty of fresh air exchanges.

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New Zealand Made & Grown

The mushrooms are grown using locally-sourced materials, not imported mushroom logs or growbags - a pertinent reason to add the “New Zealand Made” Kiwi trademark to the House of Fungi mushroom kits.

“Many mushroom grow kits are imported into New Zealand from other countries and sold under the guise of a local product. By having the NZ made/grown trademark, it let's our customers know that they are truly buying a mushroom product from New Zealand,” said Laura.

The Kiwi Trademark is currently used on their mushroom growing kit packaging in white, pink or blue, to match the colour palette of House of Fungi.

“We positioned it on the front of our grow kit box because it was important for us to let our customers know that not only were they buying a quality product from a local New Zealand business, but that the product had the backing of a top, established Kiwi brand, NZ Made,” said Laura.

“Since we don't only sell our mushroom grow kits online, but also at farmer's markets, we are fortunate enough to have direct contact with our customers and get direct feedback from them. The verdict on our packaging and the Kiwi trademark is always the same - our customers love it!”


House of Fungi mushroom grow kits can be
purchased online from $40.00 for Phoenix Oyster, Pink Oyster and New Zealand varieties, Velvet Oyster and Pekepeke-kiore.

The “New Zealand Made” Kiwi trademark is available for Kiwi trademark licence holders to
download online. Licence holders are permitted to use any colour or colour combination to meet their individual requirements.