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Calm Pipe®: Healthy Pipes - all aroma, no smoke

Vape-free, smoke-free and nicotine-free, Calm Pipe® is a highly-engineered product, designed to support healthier habits and encourage better breathing.

It uses the power of your own breathing action to drive an air turbine mechanism inside the pipe bowl, powering another corresponding turbine in a separate compartment that draws the aromas through to your nose. No batteries or heating coils are required.

Scott and Heather Pearson are the founders of Calm Pipe®, an idea that sparked back in 2002.

“Heather and I have just recently been married and we went over to Colorado, USA, to live there. And it was actually the Hayman bushfire that sort of connected all the dots with this idea. We ended up helping some of the local properties, the bushfire was a very large, out-of-control fire,” Scott said.

“We got a lot of dust and smoke up our nose and our lungs and it led us to think about the whole act of smoking, and just surely there's a better way to help people have a habit that doesn't do so much damage to the lungs,” Scott said.

No nasties

Calm Pipe® contains no nasties, and can be useful for those looking to quit smoking or vaping.

“I think often times when people are quitting smoking, it sounds like, after our research, that they may quit, but then they may get around their community again and around smokers and feel like they needed something in their hand. So we're trying to keep that habit, the hand-to-mouth habit, but not have anything harmful that they're using inside the pipe,” Heather said.

There’s also another market for Calm Pipe® that they’re looking at.

“It's really interesting though because the market we have noticed there are some people who don't vape and smoke, however, they're quite anxious people, so maybe they might want to use this product for just mindfulness and focusing on deep breathing,” Heather said.


Importance of accessibility

The pipes are digitally printed in Invercargill with other components made all across New Zealand. The graphics are hydrographically printed, allowing for a lot of scope with the designs, from colourful designs to the traditional wood frame pipe look.

Making the product accessible to people, particularly those without a big budget, is important to Heather and Scott.

“The initial cost of the pipe's probably something that we're trying to make easier for people. But if you compare the cost of vaping for a year’s use which can be up to, you know, it can be quite high and also then look at smoking over a year, and compare it back to our product, we've got a real advantage there,” Scott said.

Over time, swapping cigarettes or the vape for Calm Pipe® can save a lot of money and leave people feeling a lot better for it as well.

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