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Rocketspark: Beautiful websites that you can DIY

Rocketspark are on a mission to make websites fun again. DIY or designed for you, Rocketspark have streamlined the website creation process for everyone, not just the tech-savvy.

Founder and CEO Grant Johnson shares how they’ve been empowering businesses, particularly during a global pandemic.

“As a website builder, it's been fantastic in terms of our local businesses, making it simple for people to build their own site, and when New Zealand and countries around the world in the markets that we're in with all these restrictions coming into play, suddenly their digital presence, the digital presence of small businesses became so important,” Grant said.

Lockdown gave some businesses the chance to focus on their business when they couldn’t travel or be on the tools.

“We had quite a few sign up during lockdown because they're using that time where they weren't sort of meeting with clients and they were still digitally, but that efficiency that they had, they were actually focusing on some of the marketing activities as well,” Grant said.

Rocketspark | 30 seconds with Assault Boardriding Centre - YouTube

Productivity gains

For small businesses, finding the time to focus on marketing activities can be a struggle. Showing how adopting this technology can increase productivity and efficiency was key.

Grant explains how the hospitality industry has benefited, “We set up this feature and we turned around really quickly, sort of based on the feedback where they could set the hours of when the food could be ordered and delivered or picked up. And so they just opened up so much efficiency in terms of they could take orders all through the day and night.”

Small businesses who are good at making, admit themselves sometimes they aren’t as good as selling. But with direct-to-consumer models becoming more common, websites help build that bridge. While you can easily DIY design your own website, Rocketspark do also have design partners to help you out.

“As we've grown with realized just the importance of bringing in people to help and experts to help and probably for that business that's really great at manufacturing and maybe not so great at the marketing side where they've got this fantastic product, but they're kind of hiding their goodness under a bushel, an old fashioned term but their hiding the goodness, because they just don't know how to tell the story,” Grant said.

Keeping it simple

Story-telling is important to Rocketspark for introducing what’s possible to people. Their key is to keep it simple.

“People will often look at technology as complex. And just by breaking it down into really simple steps and it's probably an area that's our strength, is making the complex simple and we're pretty fanatical about making it simple and accessible so that they do adopt,” Grant said.

In a disrupted, busy world, Rocketspark is here to simplify things for businesses.

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