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Survey gives heart to Kiwi business

The latest research is great news for Kiwi business, says Buy NZ Made.

Love Local’ research shows more people want to buy New Zealand-made products and services once the Covid-19 crisis is over.

The survey by Rutherford Labs tracked New Zealanders’ buying intentions before and after the crisis, finding that "local" had become the second most important motivation for consumers after "price".

Being "New Zealand-made" had become highly significant in consumers’ minds during the crisis.

Buy NZ Made head Ryan Jennings said the research was very meaningful for Kiwi businesses.

"It gives heart to local businesses, knowing Kiwis want to show their love and support," Ryan said.

"It means local businesses should market themselves clearly as "local" to speed their recovery following the lockdown.

"More generally, it’s a wonderful confirmation of what we all know - that Kiwi-made is the best."


Contact: Ryan Jennings 04 889 2456