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Website Widget Adds Licence No. To Logo

We've changed the way the New Zealand Made logo is displayed on the websites of businesses who hold a New Zealand Made licence. 

The logo now includes the licence number and is delivered via a 'website widget'. See how Snugbags is using the new 'website widget' in the footer of their website.

The New Zealand Made logo automatically links to Snugsbags Custom URL listing their licensed products.

This measure enhances consumers protection and makes it harder to display the logo without a licence. 86 businesses were found using the logo without a licence between July 1st 2018 and June 30th 2019. From 1st July 2019, 51 businesses have been discovered and engaged by the Buy NZ Made Trademark Office to have the licence removed or a licence applied for.

Please update your website (or ask your web agency) to display the 'website widget' in the homepage footer which is found on your login dashboard.