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Kiwi Trademark Quick Start Guide for Marketers

The New Zealand Kiwi trademark is a label, a sticker, a logo and a brand.

New Zealand Made says something about the product or service it is added to, and as a marketer, there is more than one way to go about adding it to what you do.

Branding should go beyond what looks right and share a deeper message.

A branded product or service consists of two parts. The first is required and the second desired. Without both, there is no brand… it’s just a logo.

The first is that someone who isn’t even using the product, can tell from a distance that it was made in New Zealand. It appears that it could only be made by that manufacturer.

If we (the user or the observer) can’t tell who made it, then there’s no brand. That’s the distinction between a generic logo and a specific brand.

The second is the desire to be noticed. Successfully branded items succeed because the owner enjoys that the brand is noticed in daily use, either by others or even by themselves.

6 ways of adopting the Kiwi trademark

Below are six ways of integrating the Kiwi trademark with your own brand in a way that speaks to where you’re going, so that those who want to follow can pick up your signal.

1. Factual Product Branding (recommended)
2. Product Certification Branding (optional)
3. Embedded Product Branding (optional)
4. Watermark Branding (recommended)
5. Signage Branding (recommended)
6. Team Branding (optional)

Quick Start Summary For New NZ Made Licence Holders

If you have recently joined the Buy New Zealand Made Campaign, get started with the recommended options 1, 4, and 5 above first.

Let’s now explore different ways of adding the Kiwi trademark to what you do with examples and links to download artwork and purchase labelling.