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Warmington: the burning desire for improvement

New Zealand-owned and operated Warmington is a one stop shop for fireplace needs.

It designs and manufactures a vast range of fireplaces - like wood and gas fires, outdoor fires, and wood burners that are made for New Zealand conditions, with environmentally-friendly options. Warmington also sells other products, including chimneys and flues.

Warmington customers can get custom-made fireplaces, crafted just for them, via LEAN manufacturing principles, in smaller manufacturing lead times than other companies, giving Warmington an advantage over competitors.

Its fantastic service comes complete with technical consulting and project management helping customers with all installations. All fireplaces are made in Auckland, and its products are not only loved locally, but are also cherished in Australia and the United States.

What next?

Warmington wants to lead the industry in designing and manufacturing home heating solutions.

With distinctive in-house consulting and product testing capability that means it can design custom products, Warmington can bring customers exactly what they are looking for, alongside the guarantee that it’s made to New Zealand’s high safety standards.

Warmington is passionate about innovation, and with a team of engineers, architects, builders, and designers, as well as lots of expertise and knowledge in the industry, it has become well-known for making an extensive range of excellent, high-quality wood and gas products.

What the future holds

The last two years have been a challenge for Warmington, just like the majority of NZ businesses.

Warmington has needed to be flexible in order to deal with the differing guidance from the NZ government when it comes to sorting out COVID-19 in the workplace.

It also faces the challenge of changes to the competitive Solid Fuel heating market, but it is focused on keeping the team together and growing it in response to more demand.

Despite the fact inflation will be an issue in 2022, Warmington sees such challenges as a chance to keep improving, to be the designer, manufacturer, and home heating solutions provider that customers expect.

Warmington is fully staffed to manage the growth, and it is making investments in equipment to improve its processes and to keep training its team to meet demand.

Warmington loves to improve its business and it isn’t afraid to take challenges head on.

The business expects more growth, demand, and improvements in time to come.

By Mark Summers