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Be My Guest: Designed for Greatness

In pursuit of a creative outlet while on maternity leave, Amanda Cookson couldn’t find a part time job that suited her skills, nor one that had flexible hours.

Deciding that going back to a full time job was not on the cards, she tried to discuss part time, flexible work that suited her set of skills, but came up empty handed.

With that, she chose to completely devote her time to her own business, which was once a small, creative retreat from her corporate occupation, but is now a company that hires staff and has evolved to become a key part of Cookson’s life.

Be My Guest Design is a design and printing company for stationery reserved for important life milestones such as weddings that perfectly complements Cookson’s skill sets and interests.

Their product range includes guestbooks, notebooks, wine labels, a wide selection of cards, and art prints.

What are they proud of?

Cookson takes pride in making and heading a successful company that aligns with her personal values and helps out others by offering living wages and flexibility; buying products made in New Zealand, utilising NZ suppliers, and recycling via plastic-free packaging.

They sell all throughout the country, with a small percentage of their products going to foreign couples.

The challenges of the pandemic

Being a small group, absences have been a real difficulty for the business. In May, they moved into larger premises–a necessary but very scary step for Cookson’s company, as they had to deal with higher costs whilst heading into their quietest time of the year.

However, the improved space allowed them to invest in larger and better printing gear to produce a product that was both superior and quicker to make. In the future, they plan to better manage the large amount of orders, as well as develop their wholesale greeting card product line.

They love being New Zealand made because this country is home to an immense wealth of skill sets and talents.