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Our purpose is bringing warmth and beauty to funeral services through beautiful, personal, natural caskets.

Final Furniture offer these caskets under the TenderRest brand.

Traditional coffin and casket shapes come from a time when artisans worked with hand tools on planks of wood. With modern materials and technology, newer designs have emerged, but few have moved far beyond simply translating traditional shapes into different materials. Whilst TenderRest caskets are significantly stronger, lighter and much more eco-friendly than traditional caskets, it is their beauty that truly sets them apart from traditional styles.  All over the globe, the traditional funeral service is changing, as people begin exercising independence and choice in how it's conducted. Now many are looking for new types of service that focus less on death and more on life. TenderRest caskets feel appropriate in these new services, which embody sensitivity and the aesthetics of a modern, design-aware population.

Within a TenderRest casket we hope you see the richness and meaning of a person's life and not simply their final farewell.  

Info on the eco credentials of our materials is here http://www.greenlist.co.nz/Sustainable/Eco-Friendly/780/Tenderrest-Eco-Caskets.aspx

The NZ Made criteria are met.  2/3 of our adult caskets are designed and made here in NZ of wholly NZ sourced products.  One model is made using sheet bamboo imported into NZ (as no bamboo board is made in NZ).  This material is imported as flat sheets - for a multitude of uses.  It is in Wellington that we cut, assemble, finish and dress the caskets. So this meets the Fair Trading Act provisions that the essential transformation of the product is in NZ.