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By Allan Wayne Ryan


Take ye therefore good heed of yourselves.’ Deut 4.15

I have known and worked with Malcolm Harker since late 1994. Through his family, friends, colleagues and many satisfied clients who attest to the truthfulness of his simple, natural way of self-healing, I’ve found Malcolm Harker to be a man who has crossed many bridges under which torrents have flowed, but who is also a man who continues to strive for a greater truth towards ‘Perfect Health’

All through his childhood he had jabs for Polio, Measles and Tetanus regularly. At age of 14 years, contacted Hepatitis, was vaccinated and bedridden for six weeks. At 15 years old, picked up "Leptospirosis‟ (swineherd fever similar to malaria) from rat urine in piggeries where he worked. Inoculated again and bedridden for several weeks, he lost a finger to gangrene during that time. Throughout his childhood he lacked energy and suffered dreadful acidity after eating foods. Doctors informed his mother the 'germ' of Leptospirosis would be with him all of his life.

Diagnosed with Nephritic Kidneys (decaying), Crohns disease and a pre-cancerous colon in October 1978, began studying 'nutrition & disease' flat out in November 1978. Completed a 56 day 'grape juice only' fast in June 1979, the result of which brought him back from the brink of death that years of poor nutrition and prescription drugs had caused. His diet since then has been pro-raw fruits, raw vegetables, fresh berries, seeds and nuts, plus gluten-free cereal grains, egg-yolks, raw and boiled, plus occasional organic and wild-flesh foods. Today at 61 years of age Malcolm is in the peak of condition!

In December 1981 he opened "The Herbal Clinic‟ in Avondale, Auckland. Diplomas in Herbal Studies were gained in 1983 and in 1985, 'Master of Herbology Degree' in Advanced Herbal Medicine from the Emerson College of Herbology, Quebec, Canada. Also awarded that year was an Honorary Fellowship to the Research Council of Emerson College of Herbal Medicine. In 1983 awarded 'Certified Iridologist' through the teaching of Dr Maurice Archer N.D. (protégé of Dr Bernard Jensen, well-known Iridologist and author of "The Science of Iridology‟, a 'bible' to the science).

This thesis results from over 26 years of clinical practice, study and dedication in trying to understand the chemistry of Health and Disease, and initially took over 12 years to compile.

Malcolm was one of the very first, if not the first, naturopathic healer during the late 1970’s - early 1980’s, who brought to the attention of a suffering populace of the time, and an infant, budding naturopathic industry, the hazards of Gluten in the ‘normal’ diet of all New Zealanders – not just those Coeliacs who were about the only group of people at the time who knew anything about gluten-enteropathy!  MALCOLM HAS THE UNACCLAIMED, UNRECOGNIZED TITLE, AS FAR AS MANY PEOPLE ARE CONCERNED, AS THE ORIGINAL PROMOTER OF THE GLUTENFREE MENU PHILOSOPHY FOR THOSE WANTING TO EXPERIENCE A MUCH HIGHER LEVEL OF HEALTHINESS, ENERGY AND FREEDOM. The photos within of healing via Gluten-free foods, testify to his long association with this type of menu to help heal the body from most diseases!

I changed to this way of eating many years ago after seeking Malcolm’s advice on chronic hay fever/sinus problems. He told me then, “get off gluten, you will find those problems will resolve themselves once your body is cleansed of the sticky mucus produced by excess gluten in the body; especially your sinuses/nasal passages.” I have not had sinal/hayfever problems since removing gluten from my diet. My support for this ‘truth’ is strongly unwavering, as one who feels healthier without it.