Membership Criteria

Membership Criteria

Members of Buy NZ Made must comply with the rules of the Fair Trading Act for Country of Origin when labeling products for sale in New Zealand.

Section 13(j) of the Fair Trading Act states:

No person shall, in trade, in connection with the supply or possible supply of good or services or with the promotion by any means of the supply or use of goods and services, make a false or misleading representation concerning the place of origin of goods.


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Substantial Transformation

Unlike Australian law, New Zealand does not specify exact proportions of material or labour content. So working out if your products qualify can be tricky and unfortunately we can't give you a precise formula which will prescribe exactly which products fit the bill.

What we can do is give you these guidelines and considerations for what constitutes New Zealand made.

  • For a clothing item, where is it actually changed from a fabric into a garment?
  • For a food item, where is the essential character of the food created?
  • For a manufactured product, is it substantially manufactured in New Zealand? Where was the critical componentry manufactured? Are any significant stages of manufacture carried out overseas?

The test as to whether a made in New Zealand claim breaches the Act is based on whether such a claim is likely to be misleading to New Zealand consumers.

Exporting rules

The same theory applies for goods that are exported but exporters must also take into account the labeling rules of the country they are exporting to.